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Our Beautiful Blogger is a writer living in Colorado, somewhere between Denver and Boulder writing about food and eating, understanding body image, fashion, recipes, being healthy, being green, and staying sane in an increasingly insane world.


4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I sit here at 1:00 am reading your article and then immediately going through Pollan’s article and pointers on what not to do. To do a reality check I open my pantry just 5 minutes back to pick all items that have more than 5 ingredients. My whole pantry is right now on the floor and the only things in are spices ! Every food that I have been eating for how long, I dont know has High fructose corn syrup….if not any other poison…
    So does the food that we eat today food or poison ??
    I am a vegetarian and my eyes have been further opened today, suddenly shaken up to see what I have been doing all along without even realising it. There is no Wild oats in New York City, but I have a whole foods nearby.I have never..NEVER been there before , but for the first time I am going to go in and see what is it like to buy stuff that has less than 5 ingredients on it !!! I have NEVER looked at what I have been eating..i mean this ingredients thing….gosh !!!!
    I have no clue why I am sharing all this with you right now, but I guess I want someone to know that I have joined this revolution ….and all my friends are tight asleep right now :-)…they sure are going to laugh at me in the morning and heap up pancakes and syrup on top…but lets see how long my commitment lasts πŸ™‚
    take care…and would love to receive some pointers or some acknowledgment from you

    would be reading this blog more…
    see you

  2. Hi Mathangi!

    The one thing I do know from my time of dieting is that you can’t just throw yourself into these kinds of lifestyle changes whole hog and expect them to stick; you’ll get burned out!

    My husband and I have decided to try to switch to more whole foods as Pollan’s article suggests, but we don’t have the financial wherewithal right now to just go through and clean out our cupboards of all the bad stuff. So, we’re slowly using those things up and replacing them as we go with better alternatives.

    You should know, organic products cost considerably more than their processed counterparts. Whole Foods is a BEAUTIFUL store, but you may be surprised by some of the prices. Don’t let that deter you! You have to remember that this is your body and your health you’re investing in. Buy what you can afford. If you can’t afford all organic products, maybe stick to organic produce for now, and make that the staple of your diet.

    And don’t give anything up! I was dismayed when I found that even the organic varieties of Ranch dressing (my favorite!) sometimes contain corn syrup, and ALWAYS contain more than five ingredients. Then, I came home and found a recipe for ranch dressing with tofu in it! I love it! I’m making my own from now on.

    All the very best to you, and keep commenting! Let me know how it’s going. I promise to respond.

  3. hey..u are absolutely right..thoughts that went through my mind after writing to you and waiting for sleep to come…I am a student right now, so that was one of the reasons I never step’d into whole foods..I knew that organics are going to burn my pocket and that too in New York City ! So, I was thinking on the very same lines, I will go slow ( to avoid relapses and make the transistion smoother) and I have to right now finish all this stuff up..I just cant throw them out !!!
    So, today right after a “fructose corn srup” enriched almond bar, I dress up and go to Whole foods πŸ™‚ am going to change one item at a time ..
    cheers !!

  4. lovely theme and blog….. BUT somewhere confused with name. why becoming beautiful, you are beautiful rather every human is. above all, we see what be want to see. so…..we see you beautiful…..

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