Taking Stock


Well, hello there!

I decided to revive this blog because I’m still on a journey. I’m still growing, I’m still changing, I’m still Becoming.

That doesn’t change.

What might change a little is the tone of the posts. I hope to try to be a little more open, a little more honest. There’s nothing wrong with the way it was going before; I just feel like I’m ready for some deeper introspection.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few tools and techniques I’ve been turning to lately, trying to find a sense of balance and rediscover my purpose. Sometimes we just get a little lost, a little caught up in the busy work of our lives—appointments and deadlines and chores and to do lists. This work of the moment can sometimes cloud out our greater purpose, our greater work that we so desperately want to do. Sometimes, we just need to remind ourselves of what’s important.

I really enjoyed this post from one of my favorite yoga gurus, Sara Avant Stover. In it, she outlines 5 Steps Toward Your Vision on the Summer Solstice, and while the solstice has passed, these tips for taking stock of your life aren’t time sensitive. You can use them any time you feel you need a little direction in life.

I’ve also returned to a technique I’ve used before: making a list of 100 things to clarify my thoughts on something. A hundred may seem like a lot, but I find it really does help to get out of a rut and brainstorm. Right now I’m working on 100 things I want to do with my life. The article I’ve linked lists 100 lists of 100 you might find useful.

What steps do you take when you need to recenter yourself?