I want to look this good while jogging.


I blatantly stole this image off Facebook, because I want to be this woman.

I look at her legs and her flat stomach and I want to be her. I want to look like that.

A stranger in a Facebook group for entrepreneurs told me I was beautiful after looking at the photos on my website, and my first inclination was not to be flattered or say thank you, but to explain it away… Great makeup guy, good lighting, and photoshop.

I’ve been doing OK lately, really. I’ve been exercising consistently, and not as any kind of punitive measure or even as any kind of “I’m going to trade exercise for food” game.  I’ve been not dieting and not really bingeing. Much.

OK, I did make those things where you put peanut butter cookie dough in a mini muffin tin and then press a Hershey’s kiss in the middle while they’re warm, and I ate like six of them.

But other than that…

(That’s actually a scary thing I haven’t faced yet: being responsible/normal/in-control around foods I normally binge on. One step at a time…)

I realized I’m not ready to count calories. I may never be. I’m trying to be OK with that.

I am writing down what I eat and weighing myself as the book says to do. I need to focus on that for another week at least — maybe until the holidays are over — before I move into swapping out other activities for bingeing. But I feel like I’m making progress.

I’ve been pruning and curating the media I consume. I’m getting rid of traditional women’s magazines and even food magazines. I’m replacing weight loss feeds with recovery feeds on my Facebook.

But one I haven’t got rid of yet is the Whole30 people on Facebook. That’s where that pretty girl up top came from. In her testimonial, she talks about how great she felt doing Whole30, and how it shaved minutes off her 5k time.

And she admits that she doesn’t normally look like that while she’s running.

But still, I want to be her.  I want to look like her. I want to feel happy and excited about running instead of just being proud that I dragged my ass out of bed and made it to the gym without falling asleep or forgetting my pants.

And so I’m going to unfollow Whole30 today.  No offense, Whole30.  It’s not you.

It’s me.


Over the shoulder boulder holders

Bras on a fence

by kidicarus222 on Flickr

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on bras lately, and I’ve actually been thinking I need some new ones myself.  It’s a good thing to remember: good ones will fit and flatter like nothing else, and your shape and size changes — and that’s OK.

Already Pretty has a Guest Post by K.Line on the Elements of a Great Bra


Venus Vision reviews the Spanx Bra-lelujah!


WebMD has a list of the 15 Best Diet Tips Ever. I thought they were right on the money.

Cate found this resource through the Ideal Bite Newsletter which reports on the safety of popular health and beauty items. I haven’t had a chance to peruse it yet, and frankly, I’m a little scared of what I might find! Yikes!

The Good Human talks about 10 tips to keep a healthy home. Also check out David’s series about spring cleaning the eco way.

And Treehugger has a good list of resources for growing your own food.

Speaking of which, our little garden is plugging along. We got a new digital camera this weekend, so I will post some photos soon!

New Blog – The Organic Beauty Expert

First, let me point you over to Delight.com –– kind of like woot, this site offers a deal of the day, but the stuff on the offing is much prettier and seriously luxe.  (I’m actually REALLY tempted by this bath caddy; I love my baths, but can I really justify $35 for a bath caddy?  On the other hand, I do a lot of my best thinking in the bath… Decisions, decisions.)

Second, delight.com has a sister site, DelightfulBlogs.com, which rates, reviews, and recommends “blogs of interest to creative Generation X and Baby Boomer women.”  (I missed gen X by a few years, but I don’t think they’ve come up with a cute name for my generation, so I’ll take it.)

Following this winding path of my stream of consciousness, the new blog of which I speak, The Organic Beauty Expert, popped up as one of the featured blogs at delightfulblogs.com, and of course I was intrigued. I don’t know much of anything about organic beauty products (or why I should choose them over traditional beauty products other than, you know, the toxic chemicals which I now assume to be in just about everything), but I reckon this site might teach me a few things.

I was especially interested in this post on some wallet-friendly alternatives to Origins’ Plantidote products.  I recently bought some of the Plantidote Serum thanks to a generous subsidy by my organic enabler, but I simply don’t have the Benjamins to shell out for the whole line of products.

So check it out!  I’ve added  The Organic Beauty Expert to the blogroll for your convenience.

Gentle Reminders for February

One of the things I like about Martha Stewart Living is the “Gentle Reminders” column at the front of each magazine which gives suggestions for periodic chores to take care of during the month –– everything from homekeeping to gardening.

Happily, the Martha Stewart Living website has begun publishing these tips monthly. So far this month, I’ve made Valentines (which were a big hit!), organized the linen closet, cleaned out my old medicines, made a list of books to read, and changed the linens on the bed. I still need to do my mending (jeez, I’ve needed to do that for ages — but if Martha says to do it, I’d better!), organize my bookshelves, and plan a vacation!

I love calendars like this that break tasks down by month. Real Simple has a great online month-by-month beauty calendar for the whole year. Which reminds me: it’s time to replace my mascara!

Drugstore Doubles

[via not martha]

Look like a million without shelling out the Benjamins. Paula Begoun of Paula’s Choice dishes the dirt on drugstore doubles: products that give you the same bang as their pricey counterparts for a lot less buck.

I’m not much of a diva when it comes to cosmetics; there are so many choices out there, I’m frequently overwhelmed. But one thing I do know: I never want to pay more than I have to for quality products. This seems like a great guide to getting the good quality for less.