Zombie Day Preparation

by Drunken Monkey on Flickr

I’ve been thinking for a long time about emergency preparation, and Sharon at Casaubon’s Book does a great job of breaking down what you might need food storage-wise.  She uses zombies as her imaginary disaster, which just makes everything even more fun.


Gentle Reminders for February

One of the things I like about Martha Stewart Living is the “Gentle Reminders” column at the front of each magazine which gives suggestions for periodic chores to take care of during the month –– everything from homekeeping to gardening.

Happily, the Martha Stewart Living website has begun publishing these tips monthly. So far this month, I’ve made Valentines (which were a big hit!), organized the linen closet, cleaned out my old medicines, made a list of books to read, and changed the linens on the bed. I still need to do my mending (jeez, I’ve needed to do that for ages — but if Martha says to do it, I’d better!), organize my bookshelves, and plan a vacation!

I love calendars like this that break tasks down by month. Real Simple has a great online month-by-month beauty calendar for the whole year. Which reminds me: it’s time to replace my mascara!