Organic Linens at Target

In the newspaper circular this week, Target is advertising their new line of organic bedding and towels! They have great prices on organic cotton sheets, cotton/bamboo blends, and organic cotton bath towels.

Now, if they would only do comforters so I don’t have to spend $385 on this beautiful duvet.


Newsy Bits

Some noteworthy news items from Cate and the NY Times:

  • Farmers to Plant Largest Amount of Corn Since ’44 “Growers intend to plant more than 90 million acres in an effort to meet demands for ethanol, food and feed.”
  • Cuba: Castro Criticizes U.S. Biofuel Policysaid that if the United States and other wealthy nations decided to import huge amounts of traditional crops like corn from poorer countries to help meet their energy needs, ‘you will see how many people among the hungry masses of our planet will no longer consume corn.’”

I’m feeling a little weird that I agree with Castro on this issue…